Still working!


Phew!  It’s been more than a months since our last post! We’ve been working hard on the game. Although we still have to implement some of the most important features in Cranko’s epic adventure.

Also, we had to hand in a few assignments for the modelling module and also an investigation paper explaining all the techniques we’re using for the “switch planes” mechanic. It’s gone quite well for now, but we’ve had some important setbacks in the process.

For example, a few of the characters must be totally redesigned while others just need some tweaks. We’ve even discussed changing the general aesthetic of the game, since we’re using quasi realistic elements as placeholders but we wanted the game to be more like the concepts. More cartoonish.

Thats just some of the difficulties we are encountering, but don’t even doubt that we will overcome them.  

I think that’s it for this update….

Of course it’s not! Here, enjoy this screengrab of the pre-alpha 🙂