Testing gameplay


Hi there!

We are proud to share Cranko the alpha testing with you. The game is in an early phase but you can see some mechanics and a lot of props in the scene.
Nowadays we are remodeling the scene and thinking new gameplays in order to offer a good game experience to the player.


Move Cranko with ‘WASD’ or ‘Arrows’ and interact with objects with ‘E’ key, don’t forget to press ‘W’ or ‘S’ to change plane depth. Check the ‘Help’ menu pressing ‘ESC’ key.

Clue: if you want to pass through the steam, you have to find a switch to turn it off

Try Cranko test

Any comment will be apreciated

That’s one small step for a novel team, a giant leap for our dreams


Good news dear friends,

This week we’ve achieved our small first goal. Despite of some unexpected events which have hit straight to the team, we’ve been working hard on a provisional level with good results, focusing above all, on 3D and 2D repeated props and cinematic clips. We are aware what we have so far it’s quite far from fun, but, well, everything will turn out at its proper time…
Anyway, we’ve established some NPC’s like ocean currents or deadly cubes (some kind of fish in the future) besides some other stuff as you’ll see on these new videos!



logoWelcome to the Crank Works blog!

Here we aim to upload everything about our game. From the creative process to the last bits of adjustments and the final polish. Maybe we can even show you how we work!

So basically we are going to use the blog to document everything we do to create a video game for our UPC Masters program. We hope you enjoy it!

Crank Works.