Cranko, mobile multiplayer racing game


Hi there!

Welcome to the underwater world where Cranko lives, a small crab whose left pincer has been stolen.

Guide Cranko in his adventure and reach the goal as fast as you can. Choose the best path and use the magical pincers found in each level – it’s the key to winning.

Cranko is a freemium game where you can improve your skills and buy skins by paying virtual currency in the game store. Play with anyone in our multiplatform system, run in the asynchronous multiplayer mode whenever you want, and reach the top of the ranking!


Nowadays the game is still wip but in few months it will be born

Cranko mobile


Hi friends!

These days we are in a game incubation program, GameBCN, porting Cranko to mobile platforms. At the moment we are working on a new game design and new mechanics in order to transform the game into a casual one. This is the first concept art of “Cranko Mobile”:


Cranko mobile concept

Cranko mobile concept