Cranko mobile


Hi friends!

These days we are in a game incubation program, GameBCN, porting Cranko to mobile platforms. At the moment we are working on a new game design and new mechanics in order to transform the game into a casual one. This is the first concept art of “Cranko Mobile”:


Cranko mobile concept

Cranko mobile concept

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Hi everybody!

Cranko is an adventure/platform video game made with Unity3D, It’s a master degree final project that we had finished last October. We have been developed a lot of levels and a final boss, try to defeat it!

The story turns around a crippled crab which wants to recover its lost claw. Cranko can walk in depth jumpunig through diferents planes and use som items which will help for its purpose!

We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Cranko game

Download Cranko:


– for LINUX